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Floater (World Foods - Barbur Location)

Portland, OR · Customer Service

World Foods (Barbur Location) - Floater

9845 SW Barbur Blvd
Portland, OR 97219

Since 2004, locally owned World Foods has provided our community with the best selection of international foods, local favorites, fresh produce, meat and seafood, Lebanese specialties and those from the Pacific Northwest.  

  • Integrity: We do what’s right for our customers, each other, and our business.
  • Hospitality: We take pride in providing our customers with a warm and hospitable environment.
  • Commitment: We are committed to supporting one another and adapting to business needs. 
  • Good Food: Our love of food is what makes us excited to go to work every day.

  • Work an environment where our employees and leadership team are dedicated to the success of the store.
  • Have the option to enroll in affordable health, dental, and vision insurance. (Our health insurance plan covers massage and acupuncture, too!)
  • Set a schedule that works for the store as well as your life.
  • Be paid commensurate with experience, up to $13.50 an hour.
  • Receive 20% off all purchases from both World Foods locations. ​
The following are the essential job functions of this position.
  • Stock, face, and ensure pricing on shelves is correct and visible.
  • Assist customers by providing information, answering questions, and helping to resolve their complaints.
  • Respond to all spills or breakage of merchandise in the store.
  • Accurately ring sales orders into cash register and count back change to customers in a friendly manner.
  • Provide support to other departments as needed.
  • Check in with management at the beginning of your shift to assess the needs of the store.
  • Assist all departments with daily tasks. 

In order to be successful, the individual in this position must demonstrate and apply their ability to
  • Learn Quickly: You are able to learn new processes and procedures quickly and consistently apply learned knowledge.
  • Adapt: Change is a necessary function of a growing business and you adapt your work and communication style to best fit new processes, procedures, and business needs.
  • Maintain Dependability: You come to work prepared, on-time and use work time appropriately.
  • Work Proactively: Within the boundaries of your position, you do your best to meet business needs without being asked.
  • Effectively Multi-Task: You are able to handle multiple requests, questions, and concerns simultaneously and naturally prioritize which item needs to be resolved first.
  • Engender Customer Loyalty: You are aware of, and go out of your way to help, customers.
  • Promote Teamwork: You are able to work with diverse groups of people and forge effective professional relationships with employees and management.
  • Think Critically: When something doesn’t work, you are able to either fix the problem or find an effective and efficient work- around.
  • Communicate Effectively: You are able to write, speak, and understand English. 

The following capabilities are required in order to perform the essential functions of this position. Reasonable accommodations that do not create an undue burden on the company are available to address the following requirements.
  • Sustain concentration and focus in a busy environment.
  • Use full range of motion to and utilize fine motor skills.
  • Pick up, carry, hold, and deliver items of up to 35 pounds.
  • Use direct, peripheral, near, and far vision.
  • Recognize, interpret, and respond to variety of sounds.
  • Sit and stand for prolonged periods of time.
  • Be able to work a variety of shifts including morning, mid, and close on weekdays and weekends.
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